Frequently Asked Questions

JMS is your reliable source for deep-drawn stampings. We focus on process conversions, design for manufacturability, VAVE, and cost-out. We’ve converted machined parts, cast parts, and cold-headed parts to low-cost, feature-rich stampings. Our product engineers, toolmakers, and sales support team are ready for your next project.

For any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Superior service

With a global reach and local presence, our goal is to effectively support customer needs. We are committed to building a lasting impact with our clients and suppliers, beginning with the initial partnership and trust that is shared. Our expertise in supply chain management qualifies us to systematically source materials and handle logistics, allowing JMS to offer accurate lead-times and deliver components all over the globe.

High Volume Production, Unmatched Dependability

Our facility is equipped with industry-leading machinery, designed for high-volume production. We’ve invested in cutting-edge technology, combining both engineering and manufacturing principles to deliver deep-drawn components in large quantities, without compromising quality or precision.

It Begins with Quality

JMS Incorporated is proud to hold certifications that represent our attention to detail, understanding the importance of quality, safety, and financial responsibility as a metal stamping supplier. From the design stages to final inspection, we ensure customer requirements are nominally achieved and maintaining the highest industry standards.